Are you a County of Simcoe paramedic off work because of psychological trauma and are having, or have had, difficulty with any of the following:

-getting your WSIB claim approved;
-complications with a 3rd party LTD or STD insurance company;
-no pay for an extended period of time?

Please call Karen Upshaw at 705-726-9300 (x1238)

I spoke with Karen Upshaw (Manager, Compensation and Benefits) and Jane Sinclair (General Manager, Health and Emergency Services) today, and made them very aware of the difficulties you are having (without sharing any names). They have agreed to look into each case by request of the paramedic.

Before I spoke to them today, they stated that they were both under the impression that NONE of the County of Simcoe paramedics were having any difficulties with the above. Chief Andrew Robert also told me that he was not aware of any issues prior to me contacting him a few months ago about this.

This is very maddening! Either they are lying to me, or there has been ZERO advocacy for these injured paramedics from inside the County.

Where was the advocacy required for these paramedics? Why as a “retired” paramedic, with my last shift being in 2015, am I the one who is bringing this to their attention?

Shame on those who should have been loud voices of advocacy for their injured peers. And PLEASE do not try to tell me that you didn’t know it was happening! I know that you did. And you know who you are.

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