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Cracked Armour

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Can This Please Be Photo Of The Year? #torontostrong

Lonely Cowgirl

Before The Pain Stops

Just A Single Tear

Lonely Swing

She sits waiting. Still. Being. Alone. Some leaves blowing in the wind, but she is still. Her head is heavy and she makes a puddle of tears. She wishes someone would push the swing. It hurts to raise her head. Too heavy. Too much. Then she remembers she knows how to do it alone. She remembers that her legs can move her. She remembers she has swung and done what she needed to do. The tears dry up – mud – sand – dust – gone… And so is she … gone from the lonely swing. She remembers it feels good pushing other’s on their swings. So she sits. Waiting. Not alone.

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Leading With Heart – Not Hurt

On this episode of BrainStorm, I share what Brene Brown taught me about leading with heart, not hurt. I have come a long way with my recovery and I am grateful to be able to share this with you.


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